Dreamtime Festival

Dreamtime Post Event Volunteer Registration

SEEKING CREATIVE, INSPIRED, SKILLED, SOCIALLY CONSCIOUS INDIVIDUALS to help clean up and put everything away in a super organized fashion after the Dreamtime Festival!

Become a member of our growing Dream tribe! Volunteers are the life-blood and super-stars of the event, and we couldn't do it without your support.

Clean Up: Help us Leave No Trace at the end of the event (during the week following the event). No special skills are needed, but the interpersonal ability to motivate people to clean up after themselves is key in this role. Volunteering for this crucial position will help with the all-important goal of returning our site to it's original condition, and getting all of the materials equipment into storage in a neat and organized manner.

Dreamtime Post-Event Volunteer Application Form

(Note: We recommend that you type the answers to your questions off-line in a text document before you complete the on-line questionnaire. Copy and paste your answers into the web form, and please save your text document for future reference.)

If you have questions about how to complete the form, please contact us.

Please answer all questions, even if it's just a "N/A". You will lose your work if you submit a form with empty fields!




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