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    Riverbuddy offers mounting brackets for all types of raft frames.  Most frames are made of tubing.  There are five sizes of tubing commonly used.  You need to determine which size is used in your frame.  The sizes are measured as outside diameter (O.D.) and are listed below along with the manufacturers that use each size.  Outside diameter can be difficult to measure if you do not have an exposed end of tubing.  So we have included the circumference of each size.  To measure circumference wrap a strip of paper around the tubing and mark where the strip overlaps itself.  Then lay the strip out flat and measure to the mark.

    Manufacturer                          O.D.                Circumference
                                                   1 1/8                3 ½
                                                   1 3/8                4 3/8
                                                   1 ½                  4 ¾
    NRS                                         1 5/8                5
    Down River                             1 7/8                5 7/8

    We also offer a bracket for wood frames.

    Please contact us for custom mounting brackets.



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