Frequently Asked Questions
What does Zapotal mean?

Zapotal is from the word Zapotle (rhymes with chipotle) in the native language, which means edible fruits. Costa Rica abounds with delicious fruits of all kinds.

How do I stay in touch with the outside world at EcoVillage Zapotal?
Towers have been installed that will soon provide high-speed Internet and WIFI for the village. Skype and Vonage phone service reportedly work very well via our Internet hook-up and allow you to have a US telephone number ring to your house using the internet, and allow you to make unlimited outgoing calls to the US as part of their service.. There is currently GSM cell phone coverage at the area.
Can my dog/cat/pet rat/horse come to EcoVillage Zapotal?
We love animals, both wild and domesticated. However, domesticated animals can wreak havoc on fragile ecosystems like the rainforest. Currently, domesticated animals are allowed at EcoVillage Zapotal. (In the future, an elected board and a group similar to a homeowner’s association will handle rulemaking and changing guidelines. In other words, if domesticated animals become problematic at Zapotal, the rule could be changed in the future.)
If I purchase a lot are there any requirements for when I have to build a house?
There are no requirements on when you have to build your house. In fact, you don't ever have to build a house on your lot if you so choose. There are many people buying lots just to keep under conservation or to hold and sell for a profit later.
What about water and waste?
Each unit will be required to have a rainwater catch system and a biodigestor or similar system to treat waste, and can also utilize many springs located on the property. Traditional plumbing can be used and completely hidden from view.
What additional fees and expenses will I encounter with purchasing a lot?
When your lot closes you will have approximately $650 in legal fees which will include the creation of a Costa Rican Corporation and all associated closing costs and transfer taxes. Also at the time of closing, there will be a one time payment of $500 to the EcoVillage Zapotal capital reserve fund for future upkeep and improvements to the community. When you start building you will be required to purchase a biodigester for your waste treatment which currently cost between $600 and $1,300, depending on usage requirements. As stipulated in the guidelines, each lot owner is financially obligated to contribute a low annual membership fee for lanscaping, upkeep and access to the clubhouse and common areas. Nominal fees are associated with government and municipal permits for construction projects on individual lots.
Can I rent my house out and will there be an agency to assist me in doing so?
Yes. You are absolutely welcome to rent your house out and in the future, there will be a property management entity available at EcoVillage Zapotal to help you with rentals, housekeeping, etc. for a percentage based fee.
What are the typical costs to build a house, tree house or stilt built house?
Costs to build can be as cheap as $10,000 for the simplest of structures if you choose to build on your own, and can go as high as a budget can allow. Expect a typical comfortable home to cost between $30,000 and $80,000.
Where can I obtain financing to buy a lot in EcoVillage Zapotal?
Traditional financing options are available through various financial institutions. Please contact us for more details.
How far is EcoVillage Zapotal from the ocean?
EcoVillage Zapotal is only a few miles as the crow flies from water's edge at the Pacific Ocean. Given the fact that roads do not travel in a straight line to the water in Costa Rica, count on it taking about an hour or slightly less to reach the water by car. There are also about a half dozen nice beaches and surf breaks within about a hour's drive from EcoVillage Zapotal.
Where is the nearest town/grocery store/airport/hospital?
There is a closeby small town. A town in Costa Rica consists of a soccer field, a schoolhouse, several houses, a bus stop, and couple of pulperias (small stores with food staples). San Isidro is under an hour away on the Pan American Highway, and has banks and multiple options for grocery and hardware stores, pharmacies, restaurants, music, hospital, etc.
Where can I rent a car?
There are several options in San Isidro , or you can rent a car at the Airport in San Jose, and taxis and shuttles can be arranged from the airport. Flying into San Jose and renting a car there affords the most rental options, and promises an adventurous and beautiful drive to the Southern Zone.
When will the new Southern Zone International airport be completed?
The Costa Rican government has gone on record stating that they expect to have the airport up and running by the year 2010. A new state-of-the-art hospital, required as infrastructure for the airport, was recently completed near the town of Cortez.
Is there a place I can stay on the property while I'm looking for my parcel?
Not yet, unless you have a tent. As building progresses, there will be models to view and places to stay on the property. In the meantime, there are many other lodging alternatives nearby to fit all budgets and needs.


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