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Eli Wolcott has over a decade of professional experience managing green building, cultural, community and sustainable development projects, including work with diverse non-profits, public agencies, national trusts, statewide projects, local community efforts, city and county planning, and projects both international and in the private sector. His work and presentations have been featured in internationally distributed publications, and demonstrate excellent skills building and managing programs, coordinating project staff, and creating public presentations. Eli has over a dozen years of experience as an effective leader and educator, is the founder of two non-profit organizations including Dreamtime, and has a demonstrated ability to teach and facilitate learning and leadership programs in a variety of academic and internship settings. He is the owner of a green building business, a personal coach, and leads green development projects in the US and abroad. He currently serves as the Executive Director of EcoAtlas, a non-profit organization providing services and solutions in the fields of conservation and community and resource planning, and on the board of Colorado Creative Education, working to further educational and cultural opportunities in the Southwestern US.




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