Dreamtime Festival


All of the power used for the Dreamtime Festival to date has been produced by biodiesel. If you need power for the festival, consider biodiesel. We may be able to help you rent a diesel generator and find biodiesel to run it off of for much less than you would pay to rent and run a gas generator. Please contact Dreamtime if you are interested.

  • Biodiesel runs in any conventional, unmodified diesel engine. Biodiesel can be used alone or mixed in any amount with petroleum diesel fuel.
  • Biodiesel is more lubricating than diesel fuel, so it increases the life of engines.
  • Auto ignition, fuel consumption, power output, and engine torque are relatively unaffected by biodiesel. So basically, the engine just runs like normal (except for the smell - like French fries). Diesel engines are typically 30% more efficient than gas engines.
  • Biodiesel reduces emissions by up to 100% because it is a renewable fuel.
  • More than 100 biodiesel demonstrations, including three one-million-mile tests and more than thirty 50,000-mile tests, have logged more than 10 million road miles with biodiesel blends.

Non-commercial biodiesel typically costs less than petroleum diesel per gallon. It is likely that we can help you rent a diesel generator that will, compared to a gas generator, produce 10 times the amount of power, use the same amount of fuel, cost less to rent, and will not harm the environment. These generators are typically larger and quieter than gas generators. Please contact Dreamtime if you are interested.

You may also want to sign up to take a biodiesel workshop during the event. You can find more info in the arts and performers section, or by visiting the Dreamtime center camp at the festival.