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We Are Dreaming The Future

Thank you for making Dreamtime an amazing experience, community and force of change in the world!

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The time came for the organizers to take some time for their personal lives (including some recovery time from injury), to open up some space for long term planning for Dreamtime outside of the constant planning and production cycle, and to focus on creating an ecovillage base from which to more holistically and sustainably support Dreamtime through the thriving year round living of the dream and values of sustainability, health and personal growth.

***Please NO visitors at the ranch or site so the owners can have a year off (seriously!)***

But most importantly, a huge THANK YOU for being such an amazing part of our community.  We want you to be part of Dreamtime into the future as part of the dream, and we hope you feel the same.

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Word is already out with a number of theme camps planning to go big when Dreamtime returns.



If you are interested in the next step in the vision: the Dreamtime EcoVillage, please contact us here. The search is on for property, production team, collaborators, financial supporters, and networking with eco-designers, architects, teachers, and beyond.

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The Dreamtime Festival is an annual event located in a beautiful Rocky Mountain valley just outside of Paonia, Colorado. The festival uniquely combines art, celebration, and music with an intention of learning and transformation, bringing together in one place and fusing with great synergy:

  • The celebration and fun of a music and arts festival
  • Hundreds of educational workshops, trainings and networking opportunities
  • The inspiration and creativity of interactive art, costumes and film exhibition
  • An expo focused on sustainability, personal growth and social change.

Weaving themes of sustainability, personal development, creativity, health and holistic healing - we dream the future together, and create a magical and unforgettable experience that serves ourselves and the world.

Participants enjoy live performances, music and world class bands on multiple stages, interactive theme camps, art installations, admission to an astounding number of workshops (on a first come, space available basis), free parking and free camping, green expo, and much more....

Yoga Class on MainstageDreaming Phoenix Fire DancingAudience

Together in Dreamtime we envision and embrace our deeper dreams, learn, connect and co-create in an atmosphere of celebration, participation, creative expression and community.


Come and dream the future with us!



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